Monday, December 05, 2005

The "New" Pitch

Looking for the Gyro!

Attention all pitching coaches, I need your help. If there is a coach out there that has any information on the gyroball, please post some details on this website. The gyroball is an exciting pitch from Japan that has stimulated my interest. I have found some information on the gyroball, but I am seeking to understand all elements on the pitch. Apparently, the pitch is quite successful in Japan.

To the left of this page, I have posted a picture of Daisuke Matsuzaka. He is a pitcher for Japan’s Seibu Lions. It is said that he has a wonderful “gyroball” that compliments his 98 MPH fastball well. The gyroball appears to have breaking ball characteristics, but breaks hard away from hitters. The pitch, when working, is not only hard to read out of a pitchers hand, but the hard break makes the pitch virtually unhittable.

If there is any coach with drills, grips, explanations, or videos of the pitch, please contact this website and share your knowledge. I believe this pitch can help high school pitchers dominate the opposition.

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