Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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Updated Information on the Gyroball

The listings below are the things that I have found out so far about the Gyroball. I will continue my informational crusade about this pitch until I have learned how to throw it. If anyone, who visits this site, can add to the list, please contact me and I will submit additional information about this pitch.

Things I have learned about the Gyroball

1. The ball, when getting into position for release, should point at the pitcher’s ear. This position is similar to the quarterback throwing a football.

2. The Gyroball spins in a perfect, counter-clockwise motion.

3. The Gyroball looks exactly like a fastball, until sharply breaking right to left, when thrown by RHP.

4. The Gyroball is delivered using “Double Spin” mechanics, meaning the pitcher’s hips rotate forward followed by the elbow pronating along with the pitcher’s wrist and hand.

5. The pitcher must make sure their hips and shoulders are aligned at foot plant to throw the Gyroball perfectly.

Please contact this blog if you can add to the list.

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