Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shooting For the Stars

Goal Setting: Helping Players Achieve at a Higher Level

Every year, coaches spend their off-season setting goals. Each goal is based on the expectation that players should improve their skills from one year to the next. How is this achieved? Formulating goals for the season, coaches must be specific on what they want their team to achieve. For instance, if a coach wants to improve their win total, a goal should not be,"Our team will win 22 games this season." Why is this not appropriate? This goal is too general and does not address the specific areas that will contribute to victories. Another problem coaches have with setting goals is that there is no documented plans to achieve yearly goals. If a coach sets a goal, there must be a documented plan of implementation. If no plan is created, there is little chance any of the yearly goals being achieved. Below, I have listed our offensive goals for the upcoming season. Usually, our team has 3-4 objectives for each area of the game including pitching, defense, and offense. In the goals provided, I have also listed a baserunning goal for the season. I have included this goal because it falls under the offensive catoreory. Each goal includes an action plan of how the objective will be mastered. Any coach's input is welcome on how each goal process can be changed to help players meet the objective.

2006-2007 Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln Baseball

2007 Offensive Team Objectives

Objective #1 To record 90 team walks during the summer.

1. Improved Plate Coverage
- Firm Front Side Finish
- Own the Batter's Box Mentality
- Pitch Attack

2. Disciplined Approach to Hitting Breaking Balls

- No Swing Until 2 Strikes
- Shorten Bat
- Daily Exposure to Breaking Balls

3. Shoulder-to-Shoulder Tracking Model

- Movement of Chin
- Daily Usage of Model on Tee Work and Batting Practice

Objective #2 To record less than 80 team strikeouts during the summer.

1. Shorten Hitting Approach
- Practicing Proper Bat Shortening
- Total Body Momentum
- Lead Arm Extension

2. Disciplined Approach to Hitting Breaking Balls
- No Offering Until 2 Strikes
- Practice Proper Bat Shortening
- Daily Exposure to Breaking Balls

3. Shoulder-to-Shoulder Tracking Model
- Movement of Chin
- Daily Usage of Model on Tee Work and Batting Practice

Objective #3 To record 80 team extra base hits during the summer.

1. Over/Under Weight Swing Training
- Daily Usage of Weighted Bats
- Forearm Resistance Exercises
- Daily Medicine Ball Explosive Drills

2. Lead Arm Resistance Training
- Off-Season Use of Dumbbell vs. Gravity Exercises
- Off-Season and Seasonal Tricep Development

3. Linear Hitting Model
- Off-Season Teaching of the Linear Hitting Model
- Daily Use of the Load, Stretch, and Fire Method
- Daily Use of Linear Progression Reinforcers

Objective #4 To record 350 team hits during the summer.

1. Use of Wood Bats in Training
- Off-Season Use of Wood Bats
- Season Training with Wood During All Practice and Pre-Game Hitting

2. Daily Lead Arm Batting Practice
- At Least One Round Of Lead Arm BP Per Practice/Pre Game
- At Least One Drill Isolating Lead Arm Per Practice/Pre Game

3. Emphasis on Hitting the Ball to All Fields
- Incorporating Linear Hitting Model
- Improve Plate Coverage
- Daily Emphasis on Hitting Ball Middle or Away

Objective #5 To record 60 team steals during the summer.

1. Daily Baserunning Stations
- Situational Running in Practice
- Emphasis on Pitcher’s Cues and Moves
- Improvement of Times From 1st to 2nd
- Improvement of Times From 2nd to Home

2. Improve Acceleration From Start
- Lower Body Resistance Training
- Daily Emphasis on Groin Flexibility
- Daily Emphasis on Core Strength

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