Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guest Author #4

Rich Burk is the television and radio play-by-play announcer for the Portland Beavers of the Pacific Coast League. His work has been endorsed by broadcasters, executives, writers and players at the highest levels of the industry:
“His descriptions are colorful and accurate,” said Hall of Fame broadcaster Ernie Harwell
“His knowledge and love of the game, and dedication to his profession, are impressive,” said NBC Sports’ Bob Costas
“He has the capacity to make the game come alive,” according to Curt Smith, author of the acclaimed book, Voices of the Game
“I’m amazed at his knowledge and passion for the game,” said Kevin Towers, general manager of the San Diego Padres “He is quite possibly the hardest-working broadcaster in the business. I’m amazed at the details he digs up and saves for exactly the right moment, and at his encyclopedic knowledge of interesting stories,” said Senior Writer Rob Neyer.
“Rich is an excellent interviewer. I’ll take any time of my day to go on the air with him,” said Xavier Nady, outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

A Scorebook for All to Follow the Game
All of Rich Burk’s baseball scorebooks are suitable for both seasoned veterans and scorekeeping rookies—each includes beginning and advanced instructions and a detailed, easy-to-read baseball glossary.

The top Broadcaster & Media Scorebook: Burk’s most popular scorebook, the BP16, is the cleanup hitter in his line of products. The BP16 features a unique two-page-per-team layout that provides a pitch-tracking system, clean-looking defensive charts, extra space in the lineup section and scoring boxes, and plenty of blank space for making notes. The BP16 does all this without limiting innings—scorers have the peace of mind of knowing their scoresheet includes 16 innings.

Other Broadcaster & Media Scorebooks: Two other Broadcaster & Media layouts are available with the more traditional one-page-per-team format. The BN12 features 12 innings per scoresheet, while the BN15 includes 15 innings per scoresheet. Like the BP16, these two versions include a defense chart and a clean layout with extra space for writing notes.

Fan & Media Scorebooks: These scorebooks feature a smaller 9” x 7” format (the other scorebooks are 8.5” x 11”). This is the perfect size to fit on a lap at the game or in a press box with limited table space.

Amateur League Baseball & Softball Scorebooks: These scorebooks feature 16 batting positions for those leagues where everyone bats in the lineup. The AP10 layout features Burk’s pitch-tracking system, an excellent addition for those leagues where a premium is placed on the number of pitches thrown.

Further information found at:], including samples of the scoresheets, a table comparing the features of Burk’s scorebooks, and tools to help people choose the right book for them.

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