Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Coach Rod Huff: A Great Resource for Youth Baseball

Coach Rod Huff was published a great resource for youth baseball coaches through Coaches Choice, Inc.  His book titled Coaching Made Easier gives coaches a clear and specific vision going into their upcoming season.  I would highly recommend it for coaches out there looking to maintain their edge this season over the competition.  In September, it was the #1 seller in its division on 

Here is a brief description of the book: 

Coaching Made Easier: How to Successfully Manage Your Youth Baseball Team – A Step-by-Step Guide to a Rewarding Season, is the author’s labor of love for the sport of baseball in general and specifically the brave, volunteer coaches who stepped up to coach a team. Scheduled for release in August 2008, the book helps a coach maneuver through the season from the draft to the end of the year party.

Huff coached his son’s teams for eleven years. He started as an assistant for two years but was quickly asked to take a team as a head coach. Immediately after volunteering he went to the book store to find books that would assist him with this responsibility. What he found was a plethora of books on baseball instruction ─ books that taught general baseball skills such as hitting, pitching, etc. He was unable to find any books on what it actually takes to manage a team, the players, and the parents.

Through trial and error over the years, he developed an effective way to manage the process of coaching youth baseball teams and wished to share it with other volunteers who find themselves in this situation. His “system” was effective from a win/lose point of view but he also found the parents and players asking to be on his teams year after year. A testimony to his concern for his “team” - parents and players alike.

Author Rod Huff has two children and resides with his wife, Lisa, in Brentwood, Tennessee. His desire is to equip volunteer coaches with tips, tricks and ideas that will make everyone’s experience better. Coaching Made Easier can be ordered through Coaches Choice at or the number listed below.

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